wrapping up production

we're on the home stretch. the truck is set to wrap up it's build by the end of the month and the final details of getting it shipped to iowa city are being hashed out. thankfully we didn't run into any issues during the build and everything is turning out nicely.

i'll be heading back to south carolina here in a couple of weeks to walk around and finally lay my eyes on it in person. here are some pictures of the progress.

"baby doll"

today i received a photocopy of an article that was written by the previous owner of our 1941 dodge. the folks i purchased the truck from were selling it for the original owner. he told me he had a newspaper clipping that was written by the original owners son. turns out, this young boy was the first to ever drive this particular truck at the ripe age of 15. i'll let you read more about it below, but i just had to share. enjoy!

back from south carolina

a week or so ago i returned from a brief trip to south carolina where the truck will be fabricated and pieced together. the trip was short and sweet, but very productive as decisions were made and papers were signed.

a few days ago my truck was delivered from california and progress has started to take shape. at this point we're making decisions on the color and texture of reclaimed wood for siding, lighting and other aesthetic options.

inching forward.

a new set of wheels

Yesterday was a big day. We made the biggest move forward to making this thing happen; we purchased a truck.

And she's a beaut.

Our 1942 Dodge WFA-32 truck has been in storage the last 50 years in California. It was purchased new in Fresno, California by the current owners dad in 1942. It retains the original 95 h.p. 6 cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission, 2 speed rear end & vacuum booster brakes.


What's next? Our new friend gets shipped from California to South Carolina where the custom fabrication happens. This is also where it will be fitted with the Valoriani oven, refrigeration, generators, and the rest of the goodies that will make this truck so unique. 

And speaking of South Carolina, I'll be headed there in a few days to chat with the fabricators, make plans and hone in on what exactly I want for the truck. A lot is happening in these weeks and soon we'll be doing nothing but twiddling our thumbs, waiting for it to arrive, ready to fire up and enjoy!

a blog always needs a first post

here we go. 24 hours after starting our crowd funding campaign we are ready to move forward. and slowly but surely we start. 

it's been so encouraging to receive such a great response so far. i was confident we would reach our goal, but to do it in such a short time and have so many people give in such great amounts, it's reassuring for the future of this endeavor.

i do have a few more goals i hope we can hit as the next 40 days of the campaign tick down. right now i'm hoping to hit $7000 so we can add a couple soda and beer draughts to the truck. in the meantime stay tuned to the campaign page and facebook for new perks and goals.